Watch the usage tips of the solutions of IPBRICK Magic Wall

· Beatriz Castanheira @ 19 Jul #ipbricktips, #youtube

In order for you to take the most advantage of some features that constitute IPBRICK Magic Wall - Unified Communications, Email and Collaborative Tools, Document and Process Management, and Enterprise Social Network - we have prepared a set of small videos that will help you make a more effective use of the solutions.

Access to "IPBRICK.TIPS" playlist at IPBRICK's YouTube channel and watch the videos.

IPBRICK.TIPS | iPortalDoc | Document and Process Management
- Update documents
- Associate documents
- Link documents
- Share documents from iPortalDoc to IPBRICK.CAFE
- Add comments to processes
- Advanced search
- Forward several documents simultaneously
- Quick access to documents

IPBRICK.TIPS | IPBRICK.CAFE | Enterprise Social Network
- Videoconference
- UCoIP bar
- Publication of news
- Polls
- Bookmarks

IPBRICK.TIPS | IPBRICK.UCoIP | Unified Communications
- UCoIP Page

IPBRICK.TIPS | IPBRICK.MAIL | Email and Collaborative Tools
- Scheduling of meetings

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