IPBRICK.CAFE, the Enterprise Social Network with no information leakage

· Beatriz Castanheira @ 12 Apr #ipbrickcafe, #enterprisesocialnetwork

At a time when the massive data leakage of over 87 million Facebook users caused a global political storm, it's the right moment to rethink the way companies still use this network and even to look for safe alternatives. IPBRICK.CAFE presents itself as a real alternative. It is a completely private and secure Enterprise Social Network, where the information of users, or even of the company, will never be "stolen".

IPBRICK.CAFE allows you to use several features with which you are accustomed, such as the publication of posts or the usage of chat groups, but using a platform that contains company information only. With the Enterprise Social Network of IPBRICK, companies will have, besides a social area, an area for polls, an area for news and an area to access to work applications. In addition, they will also have a professional tool to communicate through chat, videoconference, voice and email.

Ask for an account to try IPBRICK.CAFE and ensure the safety of the information of your users and company!


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