IPBRICK Magic Wall is just a click away

· Beatriz Castanheira @ 04 Apr #ipbrickmagicwall, #iportaldoc, #ipbrickmail, #ipbrickcafe, #ipbrickucoip

Ask for an account to try the solutions that form the IPBRICK Magic Wall: Enterprise Social Network - IPBRICK.CAFE; Unified Communications over IP - IPBRICK.UCoIP; Email and Collaborative Tools - IPBRICK.MAIL; and Document and Process Management - iPortalDoc. Once you receive your access data, you will be able to make full use of IPBRICK solutions for Enterprise Communications, available at ucoip.net.

Discover the benefits of using IPBRICK solutions totally integrated and accessible through a single interface, the IPBRICK.CAFE.

Ask for an account and see for yourself that IPBRICK solutions are going to make all the difference for the development and optimization of the corporate activities.

Install the CAFE on your iPhone: tap and then Add to homescreen