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  • Congratulations to IPBRICK…
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 03 May

    On the 5th of May, IPBRICK is celebrating its 19th anniversary

    Marking another anniversary means talking about another year of hard work, dedication and other achievements.

    Last year was a year of change. A conscious change, carried out with the purpose of making the best to keep up with the expectations of those responsible for allowing us to each year celebrate one more anniversary.

    It is thanks to you, our partners and clients, that we can continue to say that IPBRICK is currently a reference in the area of Corporate Communications.

    Thank you for being on that side and to give us reasons to continue our journey!

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  • IPBRICK Videoconference, virtually eliminates distances
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 26 Apr

    If you already use IPBRICK technology, know that you have a solution available that allows you to communicate through videoconference/videocall, voice, professional chat and e-mail, at no additional cost! That's right, at no additional cost!

    If you are using this solution yet, talk to us. We will explain you everything so you can start taking advantage of these, and other, features.

    If, on the other hand, you want to try the solution, just ask for an account to test it at

    With the videoconference solution of IPBRICK, which is accessible through IPBRICK.CAFE, we connect people, work teams and companies to partners or directly to their clients. Eliminating distances but keeping a fluid, fast and effective communication, saving time and money in travels.

    And, to use in conference rooms, IPBRICK solution is compatible with any type of hardware.

    Get to know all features of IPBRICK.CAFE here.

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  • The deadline to schedule your vacations is ending
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 20 Mar

    Schedule your vacations through the form available in iPortalDoc, the Document and Process Management solution. After filling the form with the desired days, that information is forwarded for approval to your superior.

    The responsible for the approval of the vacations is notified and must approve them or, if necessary, send them back to the employee for correction. The responsible for the approval of the vacations can also cross-check the information on the schedule vacations of his team through the vacation map, in order to ensure an efficient management.

    Follow the steps on the video and try Human Resources process - Vacations, available at

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  • The use of the email requires good sense, specially in a corporate environment
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 01 Mar

    Quite often dozens of emails on the same subject are exchanged with several people, inside companies. But couldn't this exchange of emails be avoided?

    The current corporate environment demands agile ways of communication, that increase employees' productivity and prevent them from being stuck with routine tasks. With IPBRICK.CAFE, the Digital Workspace of IPBRICK, this need to exchange emails seems to be coming to an end. And now you ask, but how? It's very simple, any information that you wish to exchange with a user or group of users starts being shared through the publications feed of IPBRICK.CAFE, in a private way, for a specific group, or in a public way, for all users, being also possible to attach documents to its publication. This way, not only the exchange of information and reactions is instantaneous but also the information is centralized, in a single place, instead of being exclusively restricted to the employees' electronic mailboxes, and easily searchable by any participant in the publication.

    In addition, if you use iPortalDoc, the Document and Process Management solution of IPBRICK, document sharing can be done directly from iPortalDoc to IPBRICK.CAFE.

    Watch the new video and find out the advantages of using IPBRICK.CAFE to reduce the exchange of emails inside the companies.

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  • Over 500 employees of the Intergraph Multinational use IPBRICK technology
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 14 Feb

    "For the client Intergraph, IPBRICK "offers" an accessible VoIP solution, that doesn't require you to be a specialist in Linux or Asterisk to manage it, without any hidden licensing costs and with an excellent support".



    With over 50 offices, in almost every country in Europe, Intergraph, subsidiary of the Hexagon AB, currently employs more than 1600 people. Intergraph operates in three specific divisions. At Hexagon PPM, unorganized data is transformed into intelligent and actionable information that enables the smarter design, construction, operation and management of industrial projects, including: oil & gas, power generation, AEC building infrastructure, metals & mining, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, chemical and consumer goods. Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure provides mission-critical and business-critical software solutions to governments and services providers. Hexagon's Geospatial division, global leader in digital solutions, creates Autonomous Connected Ecosystems, where data is seamlessly connected through the convergence of the physical world with the digital and intelligence is built into all processes, and solutions that visualize location intelligence.


    With a communications center becoming obsolete, and with high maintenance and licensing costs, Intergraph EMEA decided to do a market research on the best solutions to replace its old telephone centers by a modern communications system. After making a proof of concept, it chose the Communications solution (VoIP) of IPBRICK. Thanks to the use of IPBRICK technology, all phones, in the different offices, are automatically provisioned.
    With approximately 500 users of the technology, Intergraph relies on 12 operational IPBricks in: Portugal (Lisbon), Spain (Madrid), Italy (Rome and Milan), Netherlands (Hoofddrop), Dubai, England (Swindon, Dervy e Runcorn), France (Paris), Germany (Dusseldorf and Munich), Norway (Sandnes) and even in Zurich, Switzerland.


    With IPBRICK's VoIP solution, Intergraph ensured the acquisition of modern equipment, saved costs with hardware and licensing. Besides, only a small Administration training was necessary to empower the client to manage and maintain the VoIP center. 

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  • Information Security…It’s worth giving it some thought!
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 30 Jan

    The possible leak of confidential data of a company represents one of the main concerns when we talk about information security. But the truth is that a large number of companies, lured by the apparent cost reduction, is accommodating the companies’ systems, with confidential information, in the biggest Public Cloud Providers. But are these companies aware that this change leaves companies’ confidential information, such as phone calls outside of the internal domain, susceptible to be accessed by people who are unknown to the company? And the same happens when we think about the email storage or even the use of solutions for file sharing. Have you ever thought about the consequences of having the most precious asset of the companies exposed? Wouldn’t it be safer for companies to save their information in a Private Cloud Provider, managed by people they know and trust?

    Don’t be taken by surprise, remember that there are still solutions in the market, such as IPBRICK, that ensure complete confidentiality and ownership of the companies’ information.

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  • iPortalDoc is already running in Águas do Norte
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 15 Jan

    Águas do Norte implements new processes in the Document and Process Management

    Águas do Norte, S.A., a Portuguese company that is part of Grupo Águas de Portugal (Águas de Portugal Group), is responsible for the exploitation of the multi-municipal water supply and sanitation system of the North of Portugal as well as of the water system of the Northwest Region. It is a company of National reference in the water sector, in terms of quality of the service provided, and an active partner in the development of the region where it is inserted.

    The Solution

    Currently, around 600 users access to iPortalDoc, the Document and Process Management System of IPBRICK, on a daily basis. AdNorte, that already uses the solution, decided to implement new work processes and now integrates a Module to Control Documents, Complaints (Suppliers and Clients), Observations (Nonconformities and Improvement Opportunities), Incidents File and Occurrences. These processes are part of the integrated management system. In addition to these new implemented processes, in Águas do Norte they also use iPortalDoc to Internal Information, Organization of Received and Sent Emails by processes, Received and Sent Correspondence, Meetings and Minutes of the Board of Directors.

    The Result
    With the implementation of these new processes within the scope of the integrated management, Águas do Norte aimed to implement simpler and more optimized flows, creating a digital environment that is highly integrated and adapted to their needs. The integration of these new processes also intended to promote the improvement of the organization performance.


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  • Digital Transformation, is your company ready for this challenge?
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 03 Dec

    Digital transformation represents a unique opportunity for companies to transform their business, reducing costs, being more efficient in the management of their processes and, therefore, more competitive in the market.

    If you don’t want to “lose this train” and you want to start the digital transformation of your company, we suggest that you try iPortalDoc []. iPortalDoc is a powerful tool of Document and Process Management with Workflows, manufactured in Portugal. It operates On-premises and in Private Cloud and it is prepared to help all types of companies and institutions in this digital transformation process [How to use iPortalDoc].

    It allows you to insert documents, associate them between themselves or to emails, forward one or several documents simultaneously, with or without a pending action, link them in different folders or consult associated documents. But these are just a few of the basic functionalities that you can try if you ask for a free account to test the solution.

    In addition to this functionalities, iPortalDoc provides you 10 basic processes, with 22 completely configured workflows which are transversal to most companies/organizations: Financial Management [Supplier Invoices, Supplier Orders, Electronic Invoicing with Digital Signature], Correspondence Management [Received and Sent Letters], Human Resources Management [Absence Reports, Vacations, Expenses], Commercial Management [Proposals], Legal [Legal Contract, Supplier Contract, Human Resources Contract]. Watch the several videos here.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to transform the way your company/organization works, with iPortalDoc, and ensure:

    – Document and process management based on workflows

    – Automation and standardization of business processes

    – Document dematerialization (digitalization of processes)

    – Sending of Invoices in electronic format with digital signature

    – Standardization of documents, archive criteria and procedures

    – Control of documents/processes versions

    – Integration with ERPs, CRMs and OCRs

    – Management of the email archive

    – GDPR compliance

    – Platform that provides access to external entities (login/password)

    – Support for mobile devices

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  • Eight parish councils of Algarve choose iPortalDoc
    Joana Cruz @ 31 Oct

    Considered as one of the most important touristic regions of Portugal and Europe, Algarve is known by its Mediterranean temperate climate, mild and short Winters, and long, hot and dry Summers. Tepid and calm waters, breathtaking natural landscapes, a vast historical and ethnographic heritage, and a delicious cuisine, make of this region one of the most sought by tourists.
    IPBRICK in partnership with Algardata, supported eight parish councils of Algarve [Aljezur, S. Brás de Alportel, Quelfes, Vila do Bispo e Raposeira, S. Gonçalo de Lagos, Alcantarilha e Pêra, Algoz e Tubes and Moncarapacho e Fuseta], in the implementation of Balcão Virtual Online, based on iPortalDoc, the Document and Process Management system of IPBRICK. The implementation of this Online Desk aimed to bring citizens closer to the Administrative services, allowing an easier communication between the citizens and the parish.


    With the implementation of Balcão Virtual Online, based on iPortalDoc, the eight parish councils of Algarve started handling, in a virtual way, the several processes that used to force citizens to go to the parish councils, to request, in person, a set of official information and documents. Among the several processes handled in Balcão Virtual Online, stand out: Information Request, Hall Request, Transport Request and Suggestions. The Sent and Received Correspondence of the parish councils also started to be handled in the Online Desk, avoiding the use of paper and, by its turn, the circulation of information in paper format. 


    Thanks to the implementation of Balcão Virtual Online, the Correspondence received by the parish council is scanned and circulates in a dematerialized way, easing the communication of the municipals with the executive, and of the executive with the municipals. In addition, it automated and reduced the handling time of a set of official information and documents, which are now requested and managed via the Online Desk.
    With the implementation of the Online Desk, parish councils were able to reduce paper consumption, initiate the dematerialization of the parish councils' processes and bring the citizens closer to the administrative services, also representing an innovation and optimization of resources. This investment resorted to European funding and the project was supported by CRESC Algarve 2020.

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  • It’s not just the electronic mail that allows you to send documents…
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 19 Sep

    Have your organization ever sent emails with important attachments and ended up losing track of them or even stopped controlling the history of that emails exchange?

    With iPortalDoc, you can simultaneously forward one or several documents, both for users of the solution and for external users. The forwarding between users of the solution is registered and available for consultation in the chronological scheme of the document, and the external forwarding is registered in the associated emails. This way, you will be able to consult the history of movements of your documents at any time.

    In addition, you can also forward documents with tasks to perform. The user will be notified by email about the need to perform a certain action over the document. Once the task is performed, the user is notified.

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  • A new website, that connects us from Oporto to the World!
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 05 Sep

    We are proud to announce that the new website of the Document and Management solution, iPortalDoc, is already online!

    In addition to its modern appearance and enhanced usability, we also tried to improve your navigation experience as well as provide more and better contents about the solution.

    We focused on developing a tool adjustable to all screens and that it incorporated the most digital practices, such as a simple menu, a clean design and an intuitive handling.

    The new website provides information on iPortalDoc, references and partners network, and also presents a news area, which will be monthly updated with recent contents about the solution.

    This is still a work in process, so we count on each one of our users to make improvement suggestions!

    We are online! Enjoy the visit!

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  • Your documents always at hand
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 22 Aug

    Remember, a few years ago, how difficult it was to find a document in a stack of paper?

    Now, searching for documents in a Document Management platform is much easier and quicker. In fact, iPortalDoc provides you with different types of search to find documents in a simple and efficient way.

    According to the search you perform, whether it's basic or advanced, iPortalDoc returns you all the documents that exist in the system, considering the search fields that you have selected.

    That's why you don't need to worry, every time you need to search a document, in iPortalDoc there are several simple and automatic ways of doing it in a few seconds!

    Watch the video and see how easy it is to search documents in iPortalDoc.

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  • Watch the usage tips of the solutions of IPBRICK Magic Wall
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 19 Jul

    In order for you to take the most advantage of some features that constitute IPBRICK Magic Wall - Unified Communications, Email and Collaborative Tools, Document and Process Management, and Enterprise Social Network - we have prepared a set of small videos that will help you make a more effective use of the solutions.

    Access to "IPBRICK.TIPS" playlist at IPBRICK's YouTube channel and watch the videos.

    IPBRICK.TIPS | iPortalDoc | Document and Process Management
    - Update documents
    - Associate documents
    - Link documents
    - Share documents from iPortalDoc to IPBRICK.CAFE
    - Add comments to processes
    - Advanced search
    - Forward several documents simultaneously
    - Quick access to documents

    IPBRICK.TIPS | IPBRICK.CAFE | Enterprise Social Network
    - Videoconference
    - UCoIP bar
    - Publication of news
    - Polls
    - Bookmarks

    IPBRICK.TIPS | IPBRICK.UCoIP | Unified Communications
    - UCoIP Page

    IPBRICK.TIPS | IPBRICK.MAIL | Email and Collaborative Tools
    - Scheduling of meetings

    Take the opportunity to subscribe IPBRICK's YouTube channel and ensure that you keep up with the release of new videos.

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  • Make an efficient management of your employees’ vacations
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 13 Jul

    Managing the scheduling of vacations is often a huge challenge. To help you manage your employees' vacations efficiently, use the Human Resources Process of iPortalDoc, Vacations.

    To schedule vacations you must fill the form available on iPortalDoc, selecting the intended days, and then foward to higher approval. The responsible for the approval must approve the vacations or notify you that you must change the days you have chosen. It's also possible to cross check the information on the scheduled days through the employees' vacations map, knowing exactly which days were already approved or not for each employee.

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  • Benefit from the simplicity of iPortalDoc
    Mariana Cardoso @ 28 Jun

    If you are taking the first steps in the use of iPortalDoc or, on the other hand, you wish to make the most of the simplicity of its use, you can't miss this video! Insert documents, associate them between themselves or to emails, foward one or several documents, with or without a pending action, link them to several folders or consult associated documents, are just some of the available features.

    To promote the usage of the solution, try also 10 processes available: Correspondence, Sent Letters, Email Archiving, Financial, Human Resources, Commercial, Quality, Technical, Administration, Marketing and Legal.

    If you have any doubts, watch the videos on these processes, at IPBRICK's Youtube channel.

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  • Automate the commercial process of your company
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 13 Jun

    With the Document and Process Management solution of IPBRICK you will be able to send your commercial proposals, via iPortalDoc, associating several documents, such as emails, invoices, orders, implementation reports, among others, and ensuring that all information is easily accessible and associated to the main document. In addition, you will always know in which state of execution your proposal is, which allows you to closely monitor your clients.

    Ask for a test account and learn how to simplify your company's sales process with the help of iPortalDoc. 

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  • Automate personal data processing, keeping in compliance with the GDPR!
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 24 May


    The IPBRICK GDPR solution will allow companies and organizations to register all their assets, to know exactly where they keep personal data (applications, servers, databases, among other) and map all business processes (DMAP).

    For the business processes identified in DMAP as having a higher risk, it's created a DPIA, so that the responsible by data processing (DPO) can take measures to minimize and mitigate the impact of those risks.

    At any point of the process, the module allows you to extract a report with a Records of Processing Activities (DREG) which you can send directly from iPortalDoc to the National Data Protection Committee.

    In addition, you can also manage the Consents, for personal data usage, regarding data processing purposes, by using the newsletters sending module included in the IPBRICK GDPR solution.


    By acquiring the GDPR solution of IPBRICK you will have a set of processes available, which will allow you to manage all the information according to the Privacy Policy of your organization, such as: Correspondence, Sent Letters, Financial, Human Resources, Commercial, Quality, Technical, Administration, Mail Archiving, Marketing and Legal.

    Mobile APP

    You can also consult and approve your documents, whenever and wherever you want, through the APP of the IPBRICK GDPR solution, available for Android and iOS!

    For more information about the IPBRICK GDPR solution, please contact us!

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  • Be a part of the Unified Communications future
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 17 May

    With IPBRICK's "telephone center" you have four ways of communication at your disposal - Voice, Videoconference, Chat and Email. The time when you had to dial someone's phone number is over now! With IPBRICK.UCoIP, the four ways of communication are easily accessible through a click, without having to memorize phone extensions or emails.

    You only need to choose the person with whom you wish to communicate, searching by name or department, and you can easily start a conversation.

    If you still wish to stay linked to the past, but with one foot in the future, you can always connect your phones to the telephone center and continue to communicate in an old fashion way. You can still click in the telephone icon of the person that you wish to contact and place the call on your phone.

    Does it really make sense to keep using your old phone when you can make calls, videocalls, videoconference, send instant messages and emails, everything through a computer or a tablet (at just one click away)?

    If you still have doubts that the Unified Communications solution of IPBRICk is going to put your company one step ahead in corporate communications, just watch the video and ask for an account to try the solution!

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  • 18 years overcoming challenges
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 04 May

    On the 5th of May, IPBRICK, S.A. completes 18 years!

    18 years ago we began our journey in the world of Open Source solutions for companies. Since then, many were the challenges that we set ourselves, the first of which was the creation of IPBRICK OS, which allowed to take these solutions to a wider range of clients. Over time, we specialized IPBRICK OS for it to become an important reference among Open Source solutions dedicated to Corporate Communications.

    Since we are a company of challenges, the most recent one was the development and commercialization of IPBRICK solutions in Private Cloud, whose installation and configuration is made through an almost 100% automated process, that leaves behind the physical servers and the procedures that require too much human intervention.

    Looking back, aware that it was a long journey, at the age of 18 we can state that today IPBRICK is a brand that has been able to accompany the market trends and that it is now considered a worldwide reference in the area of Corporate Communications, also in Private Cloud now.

    Thanks to you, to our partners and clients, who accompany us and helped us build this journey.
    We are a happy company to know you are still on that side.

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