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  • Invest in your training
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 20 Mar

    Don't miss this opportunity to become completely autonomous in the usage and domain of the Document and Process Management solution, iPortalDoc. Subscribe the training that takes place in the 11th,12th,13th, 19th and 20th of April.

    The training will take place at IPBRICK's facilities, in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, during working hours (from 9:30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.), and it is destined for clients and/or partners interested in improve their expertise and, thus, improve that administration of the solution.

    To ensure your subscription or to clarify any doubts, please contact us.

    Don't waste time, secure your spot!

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  • Don’t lose control over your company’s emails
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 15 Mar

    The email solution of IPBRICK is a real alternative to Public Cloud Solutions, to manage your emails, agenda, calendar and contacts.

    In addition, thanks to the integration of IPBRICK.MAIL with iPortalDoc, the Document and Process Management solution, your emails will never be forgotten. With the Mail Archiving Module you will manage the electronic mail of your company in a more efficient way, always knowing to which emails you haven't answered yet, consulting the answered emails and also accessing the exchanged emails history.

    The integration with iPortalDoc also allows you to associate emails to processes or to begin processes by the sending of an email.

    The easiest way to access IPBRICK.MAIL is through IPBRICK.CAFE, the Enterprise Social Network, which is the entrance door to all IPBRICK applications.

    Ask for an account to try the solution and start making a more efficient management of your emails, agenda, calendar and contacts, right now.

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  • To reduce the daily emails is not a lost battle!
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 08 Mar

    It is known that the overflow of emails disrupts the performance of employees in a company, on a daily basis, when most of those emails could not even begin to exist.

    Handle matters that involve one or several work groups, avoiding the exchange of emails, by using IPBRICK.CAFE, the Enterprise Social Network of IPBRICK. With CAFE you will reduce the sent and received emails, since you can exchange ideas, discuss projects and even make joint decisions through the main interface of the solution.

    At any time, you will be able to consult the entire exchanged information history, in an easy and completely  linked way.

    Ask for an account to try the solution and start reducing your emails right now!

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  • It’s time to schedule your vacations!
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 01 Mar

    To schedule your vacations you must fill the available form, in the Document and Process Management, with the desired vacation days, and then foward that information for higher approval.

    The responsible for the approval is notified that there's a vacation request, which may be approved or sent back to the employee for correction. It's also possible to cross-check information on the already scheduled vacation days, in the employees' vacation map, knowing exactly the days that were already approved for each employee and those which are waiting for approval.

    Watch the video, on the Human Resources Process, Vacations, and ask for an account to try the process available at

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  • Simplify the management of Employees’ expenses
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 22 Feb

    Make an efficient management of the expenses that employees have, in the sevice of the company, and obtain detailed statistic reports of those expenses, in iPortalDoc.

    Every time an employee provides an external service, there are usually expenses for the company, associated to travels, hotel or meals. With iPortalDoc you can easy communicate those expenses, by filling the form available in the Expenses folder, of the Human Resources Process, to which you must associate the correspondent invoices. The responsible for the payment is notified, via iPortalDoc, of the employee's expense, and will then be able to perform the payment.

    Watch the new video on the Human Resources Process, Expenses, and try it on the demonstration scenario at

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  • Mecofarma relies in the Document and Process Management
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 14 Feb



    With over 20 years of existence, Mecofarma emerged, in Angola, with the goal of creating a chain of pharmacies that would promote the access to medicines and health products to the whole population. Today, with an acknowledged experience and know-how, the Mecofarma network has ten Pharmacies and three Pet-Shops, and seeks to provide the access to medicines and safe health products to its clients, with high quality standards, supporting this service in a professional care and in specialized technical knowledge.




    In Mecofarma they use iPortalDoc for the management of several Processes, such as Human Resources, Correspondence and Contracts, as well as some Internal Information Processes. The Human Resources process is used for the management of Vacations and Absences. For the management of Sent and Received Letters, in all Pharmacies and Pet-Shops, they use the Correspondence process. They also use the Contracts Module, of iPortalDoc, for the management of Contracts with Suppliers and Employees.




    Thanks to the use of iPortalDoc, Mecofarma was able to modernize and position itself in the Angolan market as a technologically advanced company, when compared with other existing companies. In addition, it was able to reduce the documents' circulation time, which were transported by the employees between the Pharmacies and the Pet-Shops, thus boosting the efficiency of its treatment.

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  • A guided tour to the Document and Process Management
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 07 Feb

    Watch the video and learn how to insert documents, associate them between themselves or to emails, foward one or several documents, with or without a pending action, link them in different folders or consult associated documents. These are only some of the features that you can try in iPortalDoc demonstration scenario, where you have 10 processes available: Correspondence, Sent Letters, Emails/Email Archiving, Financial, Human Resources, Legal, Quality, Marketing, Administration and Commercial.

    It's very easy to use the base features of iPortalDoc, the Document and Process Manager of IPBRICK. Ask for a personal account to use the processes available at If you have any doubts about its use, just watch the videos available in the Youtube channel

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  • You can report your absence through iPortalDoc
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 31 Jan

    Use iPortalDoc, the Document and Process Management solution of IPBRICK, to manage the Human Resources Process of your company.

    Every time an employee needs to take some time off the workplace, he/she must fill the form available in the Absence Reports folder and then associate the respective justification. The responsible will be notified, via iPortalDoc, as well as the Human Resources department.

    In addition, with the Human Resources Process you will also be able to manage the Contracts, Expenses and Vacations of your employees and obtain statistical reports on each one's situation.

    Watch the new video on the Absence Reports and try the process available in the demonstration scenario at

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  • pbbr optimizes processes with iPortalDoc
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 24 Jan

    pbbr is a portuguese Law Firm with national and international projection, with a full service ability, which provides legal advice settled in very demanding, strict and quality criteria. With a versatile, flexible and responsible team, it invests in the search for legal solutions that are more efficient and appropriate to the needs of its clients.

    To automate the Management of Diligences they use iPortalDoc, the Document and Process Management solution of IPBRICK. In pbbr, every hour spent by each lawyer is registered in iPortalDoc, as well as all the documents handled by the employees. All produced documents are in a single repository, which allows to center the information and ease the search, therefore increasing the efficiency and productivity of the existent human resources. To each Diligence they can associate other important information, such as legislation, legal evidences or emails, and at any time extract reports on that same information. In addition, the register of the Diligences is also integrated with an invoicing program, which allows them to obtain reports on each Diligence, based in the registered working hours.

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  • Company of Waste and Infrastructure Management uses iPortalDoc
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 18 Jan

    Infraquinta, E.M., a portuguese company of infrastructures in Quinta do Lago, is integrated in the protected area of the Parque Natural da Ria Formosa and it's responsible for the management of the systems of watter supply, sanitation, wastes and green spaces. Considering the nature of the area of intervention, and in the pursuit of its activity, the company seeks to develop practices that prevent and minimize any environmental impact.

    For the management of Financial, Correspondence and Quality Processes, Infraquinta uses iPortalDoc, the Document and Process Management solution of IPBRICK.

    The Financial Process is used for the management of authorization/adjudication requests on purchases from suppliers, a PHC integration via Sisgarbe. The invoices are received, registered in iPortalDoc and reported to the PHC for accounting verification. Then they proceed to higher approval and iPortalDoc notifies the Directors and Administrators that it's necessary to approve the correspondent invoices.

    They also use the Correspondence Process for the management of all letters and emails, sent and received. Clients' Complaints, inserted in the Quality Process, are also managed in iPortalDoc. An implementation with the partnership of Algardata.

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  • Communicate more with IPBRICK.UCoIP!
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 10 Jan

    IPBRICK.UCoIP is a Unified Communications Center, without limit of users or phone extensions, that operates On Premises or in Private Cloud. Since the Communications center includes Voice, Videoconference and Professional Chat, duly integrated with the email, it is capable to use the email address, as a common address (UCoIP address), to easily communicate through the communication channels available.

    It also provides a UCoIP page that allows any external user, whether it is a partner or a client, to contact you through Voice, Chat, Email and Videoconference.

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  • IPBRICK streamlines communications in the automotive sector
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 04 Jan

    To consolidate the Confiauto company and brand, in the north of Portugal, as the best automobile distributor, which supports itself in its services of excellence, innovation, internal cohesion, recognition and development of all of its employees, is the goal of the Brand. The company, a SME Leader, aims to offer a service of excellence to its clients, concerning the automobile Distribution and Repair, and considering the social responsibility and the respect for the environment.

    Confiauto relies on several dealers in the north of Portugal (Vila do Conde, Braga, Viana do Castelo, Barcelos, Vila Nova de Famalicão and Santo Tirso) and all of them are a reference in the usage of the Communications Solution of IPBRICK, which ensures them that all the subsidiaries calls have zero cost. An implementation with the partnership of MoreIT.

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  • Let's celebrate!
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 28 Dec

    The entrance in 2018 with IPBRICK! A year is not only made by days, weeks and months, it's made by all of those who are committed to contributing for the success of a business. So, thank you for being with us during the year of 2017 and we wish that in the next year, of 2018, you continue to be on that side.

    Happy New Year and good businesses!

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  • Christmas at IPBRICK: The movie
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 18 Dec

    IPBRICK Magic Team wishes you Happy Holidays! Watch the movie!

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  • iPortalDoc in the representation of the culture and identity of the wine region
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 14 Dec

    With over two decades, the Douro Museum, a portuguese museum, has the mission to preserve, study, exhibit and interpret objects from various eras, which represent the identity, culture, history and development of the Douro, with particular emphasis in elements associated to winemaking. It assumes a major role with regard to the development of cultural values, providing experiences capable of motivating the participation and active involvement of the community.

    The Douro Museum uses iPortalDoc to the management of processes: Cultural Goods, Financial, Correspondence and Marketing.

    They use the Cultural Goods Process to manage exhibitions, register the participants, articles and materials. The Financial Process for the management of the register of Itinerancy Bulletins, Expense Requests, Shop Orders, Invoices, Cash Sheets and Sales Relation. For the sending of information to the contacts network, such as the disclosure of events or exhibits, they use the Newsletter Module. The Received Correspondence of the Douro Museum is also handled in the Document and Process Management.

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  • The processes that your company needs
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 06 Dec

    In the Document and Process management solution of IPBRICK, you have 10 basic processes available, with 22 workflows that are preconfigured and ready to use, transversal to any organization or business.

    Try our processes: Sent Letters, Correspondence, Legal, Human Resources, Administration, Commercial, Financial, Marketing, Technical or Quality.

    And if you have any doubts, in the interface of the solution you will find several videos to help you make better use of the processes.

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  • Meetings at a distance? It's possible with IPBRICK!
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 29 Nov

    The Enterprise Social Network of IPBRICK (IPBRICK.CAFE) owns a professional videoconference system that allows you to meet whenever and wherever you want, without needing any specific software, just using any browser with support for webRTC.

    You can make, videoconferences with one or more users, share your screen or a specific window, and also communicate simultaneously by chat.

    If you don't use IPBRICK.CAFE yet, ask for an account to use the solution and, every time you need, make your videoconference at

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  • iPortalDoc is already running in Águas do Porto
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 22 Nov

    The portuguese municipal company Águas do Porto wants to automate and simplify the work processes by using, for that purpose, iPortalDoc, the Document and Process Management system of IPBRICK.

    To ensure the complete management of the urban water cycle, creating economic and social value, focused on the client, developing good environment, management and internal motivation practices, is the main goal of Águas do Porto. The company works on a daily basis to ensure the quality of the water it distributes and, thereby, to get the citizen's recognition of the high quality standards of the water for consumption that it is provided to them.

    Among the iPortalDoc processes used by the company stand out: Financial Documentation, Inspection Requests, Technical Orientation and Clients Complaints. They also use iPortalDoc for Mail Archiving, therefore ensuring that all received and sent emails are archived and can easily be associated to the processes taking place in iPortalDoc. The Received and Sent Correspondence, and the Internal Correspondence of Águas do Porto are also handled in the Document and Process Management.

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  • Explore the solutions that integrate IPBRICK Magic Wall
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 15 Nov

    If you need a professional environment that combines voice, email, chat and videoconference, and also a social space to exchange ideas and discuss business matters, we have the solution for you!

    Explore the several scenarios that we have available at You only need to access our website and ask for a test account to use the solutions of Unified Communications (IPBRICK.UCoIP) and Enterprise Social Network (IPBRICK.CAFE).

    You can also try the other solutions of IPBRICK Magic Wall, namely iPortalDoc and IPBRICK.Mail, since the entrance door is always at

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  • iPortalDoc in the Printing Industry
    Beatriz Castanheira @ 09 Nov

    With half a century of existence, Grafopel is a portuguese family company dedicated to the import and export of equipment for the Printing industry, considering pre-printing, printing, print finishing and consumables their four major areas of expertise. It stands out by its proximity, flexibility and strong sense of commitment with regard to professionalism, speed and entirety towards its clients.

    Grafopel uses iPortalDoc, the Document and Process Management solution of IPBRICK, for Email Archiving, Human Resources Management, Quality Management System and Newsletters Management.

    Among the Human Resources processes used, it stands out the collaborators' absence reports and, in the Quality Management System, the occurrences records. To the sending of information to clients, such as the dissemination of promotions and events, they use the Newsletter Management Module.

    The integration of iPortalDoc with Mail Archiving ensures them that no email is forgotten, since it provides access to the entire history of the exchanged emails (answered, unanswered and waiting for reply), and also allows them to associate emails to processes.

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